12 June. 2014

The one week chapter break is up so here we go again, folks! Chapter 2 is rolling, and as I said this one's a really short one. Only 22 pages, which means that with the boosted update schedule (Wednesday is an update day too!) we'll be there in about a month. Eee, I'm really looking forward to chapter 3!

And the "A Redatil's Dream" book store is open once again! I'm going back to Finand next week, so if you buy your copy before Tuesday I'll send it in the mail on Wednesday! After that I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks and naturally can't send anything out until I'm back again, but I'll keep the store open during that time too. So no hurry.

Aaaand if you bought a book last time the store was open and it's vanished/got banged up in the mail send me a note with your current shipping address+missing book info to book@sssscomic.com. (Please don't send other stuff there, I don't even monitor the inbox when I'm not handling this book stuff.)

What else? I've probably forgotten something, but eh. See you all tomorrow again!



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