1 July. 2014

Emil was a little bit on the tubby side a couple of years ago, heheh. At least joining the army did some good.

Aaaand once again my flight went well. But gosh, I somehow ended up in Copenhagen instead of Stockholm! Just kidding~ Not the part about being in Copenhagen, but I'm here totally on purpose. It's my last holiday week so I'm going to spend it looking at Denmark together with my mom! And yes, it is a little bit of a research trip, kind of like my trip to Iceland last summer. And Denmark is the last Nordic country that I haven't properly visited so this is very much needed!

Anyway, I just made it to the hotel straight from the airport. It's kinda hard to update because the WIFI here won't let me access my website server and my Finnish internet stick naturally gets a terrible (and expensive, ugh) connection. But hey, at least it worked! And now I'll head out and see what Copenhagen looks like! Byyye 'til tomorrow~



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