2 July. 2014

Nuuu, no magic? But fear not, a little birdie told me that Lalli might feel the need to try out a teeny-tiny spell at the beginning of the next chapter, so you'll perhaps get to see what that's like in a couple of weeks. :3

First day of Copenhagen-sightseeing is over, second starts now~ We walked the whole darn day yesterday through a million gorgeous old stone buildings and parks and museums and stuff, but we still didn't even make it through half the city central area. Darn, I hope we manage to see the other half today without my feet betraying me, there's still so much to see but I don't really like buses (they make me nauseous way easily. ;_;)

Well, got to try to see as much as we can today, because tomorrow me and my mom are continuing on to Vejle so that we can take some day trips into the countryside too. Also Legoland, hehehe.



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