4 July. 2014

Torbjörn hasn't really worked during most of his life, and he would like to not have to work for the remainder of his life either.

Oh, It's Friday already? Which means next time I update I'll be back home again, although it's going to be in the afternoon I think. I'm going to have a quite long train + bus + night train + other train-combo trip to get home during Sunday-Monday. :P During my last two days here in Denmark I'll probably try out biking a bit, see the countryside and forests. It's really pretty around this town, there's a lot of adorable rolling hills with farmland and very lush-looking little forest-parts. It should be a good end to a very nice trip.

See you all on Monday! Next week is also the end of this chapter, and chapter 3 is going to be really great!



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