3 July. 2014

The noble information-gathering mission turned out to be a cover for a shameless get-rich-quick treasure hunt. Oh well. At least the treasures are old books maybe that's a little noble

Alrightie, the Copenhagen part of my Danish vacation is over, lots of cool buildings and museums stored in my brain and camera. Now it's on to the train station, next destination: vejle! Eee!

I have a terrible traveller's problem, though: t-the local water! It tastes...kinda...like... sand (I'm so sorry my dear Danes, I apologize for offending your water and I'm sure it's totally fine water otherwise. x3). I remember I had the exact same problem in Estonia a couple years back, but over there I had the option to walk into any store and choose from like a dozen different kinds of bottled water, so I could simply grab some familiar, Finnish bedrock water to still my thirst. But I've visited three different general stores in Copenhagen an not a single place sold normal bottled water, only mineral water, aaaagh! Minerals is exactly what I don't want to taste... ;_;

So at this point I'm quite thirsty, but perhaps my water hunt will turn out more fruitful in the western part of this sandy country. :P



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