23 July. 2014

Lalli can see that they're planning on sealing him inside a big, metal death tube, there's no way he's going to allow that without a fight.

Sooo some people were kind confused about last page and thought that the train was randomly hit by an avalanche or something. The tumult on the last page is colored beige because that's the base "paper" color of the pages, not because it's supposed to represent yellow-ish snow. Just though I'd clear that up in case Taru's comment on this page about it happening in summer would make some even more perplexed, wouldn't wan't that, nono. (On the other hand plenty of you were able to spot the bits and pieces of organic matter in the silhouette, hidden among all that shattered glass and debris. I'm pleased. :3)

See the outcome of Lalli's non-violent protesting tomorrow! Will he be spared from the death train?



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