24 July. 2014

Spell ahead? Maybe? Oh, I guess we have to wait until Monday to see what Lalli is going to do now.

I have finally figured out how to fix blown fuses in my apartment! Or I don't even know if they're called fuses, there's a couple dozen curcuit breaker switches in the fuse box instead of those round things that you screw in place. I wasn't even sure that thing was a fuse box, so I've been very careful not to touch any part of it ever lest it blows up my apartment or myself. But a meanie thunderstorm blew out half the electricity in my home a couple of days ago and now I finally had two options: investigate how to work the fuse box or call the apartment manager for help. Guess which one is the alternative I won't attempt until it's a matter of life and death?

Anyway, thanks Internet for teaching me that the scary switch cluster was indeed some sort of fuse box, and how to use it. One more step taken towards being a real adult! And now I don't have to route electricity from the kitchen just to get my computer running anymore (and most importantly I didn't have to call anyone).

So see you all next week, folks!

(edit) Wait, what, it's not Friday? *Checks calendar* uuugh, fine, tomorrow, new page tomorrow. -_-



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