25 July. 2014

We'll get to see what kind of effect (if any) this little spell has, but I might aswell "reveal" that it's a plea for help to Kuutar, the goddess of the moon, asking for some light to keep them safe.

If the thought "hm, this page has a slightly odd format" crossed anyone's mind; you're right, it is! I've actually designed this and the next page to fit diagonally across a book spread, so forcing them into a non-diagonal display for your web-viewing pleasures has added quite a bit of excess empty color areas around the edges. I'll show what the two pages will look like together for the book with Monday's page. :3

Okiedoke, it's almost 9 in the morning, so I think I'll...finally go to bed. Yup, because I've decided to take advantage of my freedom to dictate my own working hours by enduring the rest of this heat wave by simply sleeping through it! The hottest hours of it that is. I really can't focus on what I'm drawing when it's 30 degrees, so I might as well work during the cool and pleasant nights instead. The heat wave should be over next week, then I can stop being nocturnal. See you all on Monday. :3

*Edit* You want a translation and pronunciation of the spell? Well you've got it, courtesy of some great readers in the comment section. Here's a translation by Inachis, a less literal translation by Mikko which instead preserves the Runo/Kalevala metre of the spell and finally a reading of the spell by Heikki for those of you who wonder about the native pronunciation. Enjoy, and thanks everyone!



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