22 Nov. 2013

The snooty ladies will start a terrifying email campaign and take down everyone who they don't approve of. Because angry mass emails is the way to change the world, yes?

More aRTD pages for typo-checking. The one that fell out because of another page getting duplicated yesterday is at the start there. By the way, the page numbers won't be matching the ones in the comic archive, instead they're the ones I have as file names for my original pages (so off by two, I think?). Makes it easier for me to fix things. :P

Oh noes, Christmas is coming! I noticed this yesterday because the whole section in the grocery store where my dear Pepsi Max was supposed to be was completely taken over by like a million bottles of Swedish julmust. Which I do like, but it's not something I would ever drink when it's not really Christmas yet. There were a few, sad bottles of normal Pepsi tucked away in a corner, but I don't drink soda with sugar in it. So I had to *gasp!* deviate from my habits and buy a bottle of Sprite zero instead! So traumatizing! Okay, well, it does taste pretty good. Maybe I can get by until the julmust-season is over. :I

Have a happy weekend everyone! On Monday you'll see why Signe has a tendency to get fired from her job.


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