25 Nov. 2013

Now who could that be calling him, hmm? And by the way, I put up a new vote bait pic on Topwebcomics. (Oh my gosh, we're already in the top 20?) It's a quickie painting that I made as a color+mood test for the fourth act of the prologue, as I've finished the linearts for all the pages an am now starting to color them.

There's two other test paintings in the set, and the colors I decided to go with are way closer to one of those, but this one looks pretty nice so why not put it up as a vote bait? I'll show you folks the other other two too once we get to that point in the comic. :3

And more A Redtail's Dream pages to typo check! It's the whole bunny-chapter, since it's rather short and has a relatively low amount of dialogue per page. See you tomorrow!


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