9 September. 2014

There we go, now chapter 3 is officially over and the dreader chapter break begins! Two weeks this time, beause I'm going to be preparing the oh-so-imminent print drive for SSSS book 1 so that I can launch it around the same time as chapter 4. So nothing next week while I try to get everything up, and then the adventure continues either on Tuesday or Wednesday the following week. I haven't quite decided yet, just got to see how efficiently I manage to get everything done. :3

But I'll still post the chapter 4 cover page somewhere in between though, probably this Friday actually, so you won't have to suffer in complete abstinence for the full two weeks. And I'm sure I'll also post a blog post or something about the print drive during next week.

Also I added a link to the new fan forums to the left sidebar, (refresh the page if you don't see it there) so you'll all have easy access to your potential SSSS discussion and fellow reader mingling needs during the break. :P


Well, that was a lot of stuff that wasn't about this page. But yes, it's pretty big page, and it's big because it's a double page spread that's turned sideways. Which is what one will have to do with the physical SSSS book to read it, heheh.



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