12 September. 2014

Huh. it's still technically Thursday but the page is finished so I might as well post this now and go to bed before midnight (thet's a lie, I'm gonna work a few more hours). As you can see this chapter we'll cross the bridge of no return, and not only acquire two more main characters nut also a vehicle of some sort! And...well, the blurb beneath the page covers everything important, I'll post that blog entry with some more info about the print drive and the general state of other things next week.

Oh, I guess this is a good time properly to welcome those of you who have found this comic of mine recently! There's been quite a few new readers trickling in during this past chapter, and I'm so so happy to have you all around. Even those who don't comment or anything, I still see you there in my site stats as a little increase which makes me glad. So welcome all! The story's obviously still kinda just starting out even after almost a year, so there's a whole lot of comic left for years and years to come. And I hope you'll enjoy the journey, I enjoy drawing it. ^_^



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