23 September. 2014

I know, it's only been like 12 hours since I posted the last page. I didn't like updating in the afternoon so I switched aback to night-time updates. I like going to bed after posting a new page, rounds off the day

Speaking of rounding off: we're almost at the funding goal! As of me writing this the first SSSS book is only a little over 2000 bucks away from becoming a reality. And we have the whole month left to push past that, so tomorrow I'll take the time to think out some nice stretch goals. I have some in mind, but if you guys have any ideas or wishes on that front let me know in the comments. :3

Oh, and yes: Sigrun and Mikkel! And, ah, uh, oh noes, I seem to have completely forgotten to prepare their character page profiles! Ah, I'll take care of that this weekend... but proper introductions tomorrow!



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