22 September. 2014

New chapter, here we go! Emil, stop making such bad first impressions on people from other nations already. And most important thing today, this:

The print drive is live!

That's right, it's the print drive for the very first SSSS book! Which will include this chapter too so it'll be a comfortably sized thing. I launched the campaign last night before going to bed and guyyys, we're already halfway there! You're all wonderful! I think I smell stretch goals sneaking up soon, hmm?

For those of you who have never joined in on any crowdfunding campaigns on these sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and what have you, it's very simple: just pick the perk/reward/donation level that you want from the right hand column on the page. If the funding goal is reached this will basically be like a glorified preorder, and I'll be able to get the books printed and ship everyone the item(s) that they pledged for once they're ready. In the off chance that we didn't reach the goal (not likely by now) everyone would have their money automatically refunded. Simple!

Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer them as best as I can and also compile some sort of short FAQ if some things get asked a lot. See you all tomorrow with the next page! I'm going to try focusing on getting some work done today but it's going to be hard with all the excitement. Maybe I need to take a good long walk outside to calm myself, the weather's nice. :3



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