3 Dec. 2013

Crying fixes all sour relationships, right? And cats, throw a cat into the discussion and you won't run out of things to talk about! I remember back when MY cat... no, I won't start with that, I wouldn't be able to stop.

Thursday will be the last page of this scene, so naturally the next one begins on Friday. I'm not totally sure I'll do a journal update tomorrow, I don't have a subject in mind. But I will if I come up with something today, and if not I'll see you all one day from now on Thursday instead.

Well, I'll get right back to working on the aRTD book. I'm pretty close to being finished, I'm supposed to send it off to the printers by the end of this week. The two main things I have left is to draw the characters-page and illustrations for my little mythology guide. Ugh, both those parts make me so tired or some reason, just got to push through. After those all that'll be left are some small formatting things and such. So yay, I guess.


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