2 Dec. 2013

I never watch TV debates, because I get upset when I see that not everyone in the world has the exact same opinion as I have on every single issue. But I imagine that they are typically concluded with a slap-fight. Yes?

So hey, since it's a brand new month the Topwebcomic's list has reset once again, and I promised I would make a new vote bait thingie for today. Which I did! It's a simple lineup of the main cast, without their uniform jackets on for once, because I needed to finally decide what kind of clothing they'll be having underneath. It's long-sleeved black turtlenecks with zippers, comfortable and practical. And black socks! Because black socks don't start looking quite as disgustingly dirty as other socks do after wearing the same pair for a few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who votes this month!. I...think we made it into the top 10 during the very last day last month? Judging from the comments on the previous page, I didn't witness it happening myself. So let's see if we can keep a solid spot in the top 10 this time! And I'll try to whip up a couple more vote bait pics during the month, maybe something Christmas-y. :3


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