27 November. 2014

Chapter coverrr! Now you guys only have to survive through next week to get your daily comic pages again, you can do it! It's going to be a very enjoyable chapter, first book hunt and all that comes with that.

And I'm heading off to Finland once again, just got to grab my bag and head out the door, this time to finally sign the papers to my new home. Man, it feels like I've been in this home-hunting process for an eternity! I know it's been less than two months, but when you worry about things like these slipping through your fingers each and every day along the way time kinda becomes strange.

But after tomorrow I can stop worrying! And it's not that my current place is bad or anything (it's really nice, actually, sometimes I see moose or deer out of my window) the rent is just kinda high considering that I can't even keep my books here. Which means I've also had to rent a climate controlled storage unit to store those this year, and that has been about 300€ (~370 dollars) in additional rent every month. Now I thankfully have so few boxes left that they fit at my parents place, but I'd have to do the same with the SSSS books if I stayed here. So this move should to be a real relief for me, both mentally and financially! Aaand I'm off to the train station, see you all soon, toodels~



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