9 December. 2014

So how long did those 2,5 weeks feel, huh? Too long, but of course much needed. I got so much of my moving-work done that I think I'll cut the 1 week Christmas break that I promised down to just 3 days. That's pretty much the time window I've got set up with my mom to load all my things into a car and haul my things to the other side of the Baltic sea. For now I'll just stay here with almost all of my furniture disassembled, mattress and and microwave on the floor, basically just got my computer table still standing. (And one half-disassembled IKEA drawer unit that I just can't take apart because because there's a whole bunch of nails hammered into it. :I )

But now yayyyy for a new chapter! Also: a lot of people asked me about making a print/poster out of that language tree page a while back so I caved in and did that too during the break. Which means if anyone wants one it's now available through the Hivemill store, 30$ for a poster size (38x23 inches (~96x58cm)) or 15$ for a print size (17x11 inches (~l A3 size))

Language trees poster

I modified it into a general language tree poster without the in-story references so people outside the comic fandom can enjoy it without getting confused. The larger poster version is currently being printed so it most likely won't arrive at people's doorsteps in time for Christmas gifts, but it's still cooler than the smaller print version, sooo... ;3

So yeah, there ya go. I'll definitely make some more SSSS-themed prints in the future, but for this year I guess this is the only thing I've got to offer for sale.



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