27 February. 2015

*EDIT Monday 9.3* Darnit I accidentally posted the next two pages a few hours ago (two days too early) , and a loooot of you saw them. First I defeatedly decided that I would just leave them up and post the next page on Friday but then I said to myself NO GOSH DARN NO chapter 6 starts on WEDNESDAY as PLANNED! And I will not...not...something oh man it's too late, I can't find words from my thoughts. But yes, the most enthusiastic of you got to read the pages already (so sorry! or... you're welcome?) but I'm still going to post them on Wednesday and Tuesday as planned for the rest. You early-birds get to read them again.Now I'm going to bed before I ruin something else. See you all in two days again. 8I *END EDIT Monday 9.3*

There we go folks, 1,5 weeks and the next chapter will kick off! I'm sure the time will just fly by, it always does. Eeee, might our crew become complete at last? And guess what, some of you already noticed earlier, but I finally have some actual SSSS prints available:

I know, it's not a lot variety merch-wise, but one day I hope to have more stuff available for sale. I'm not completely sure what yet, but the book in a few months of course, and then maybe a...uh... I don't even know, something. I suppose I'll just ask you guys what you'll want once it's time to start filling out the store for real. But for now: prints!

And on a totally different note: welcome all new readers who stumbled into this little cornet of the internet during the last chapter! There's so many of you, way more that I ever thought there would be, and it's making me so very happy! Sure, I'm making this comic as a labour of love, but you all being so awesome and kind really makes me look forward to finishing each and every page and sharing this silly little story with you. So thanks for being here, hugs all around~ ^_^

Well, bye now, time for me to shut off this computer, rip out all the chords and pack it all up. Because next time you see me posting anything online I'll be all done moving and set up in my new home! No more being holed up in my old room, aka now the cat's room. at my parents' place (it was pretty nice though). And hopefully I won't be moving again in many, many years after this. :3



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