11 March. 2015

HERE WE GO! Chapter 6 is leaving the station, choo-choo! Are you excited!? (BTW, during the break I accidentally uploaded this and tomorrow's page for a few hours, so a few people have already seen them. But let's pretend that didn't happen and just continue on like nothing happened. 8B )

That felt like a really long 1,5 weeks, didn't it?(I saw you guys had some fun in the comment section and the forum during the wait, heh.) But it was well used, I got a whole bunch of work done on the SSSS book (crawling...closer...to...finishing, uggh! But if you were a backer check your backerkit profile because I sent out the tutorial pages, same place as the extra comic pages last month. ^_^) and now I even have 3 wonderful pages of buffer.Feeling all-around pretty good and pumped for this chapter!

Moving status: I've settled in pretty well by now! Just a little frazzled and disoriented still, not everything is finished but almost, and my tiny little home is suuuper cozy!. So this is my second time moving away from home within the last 1,5 years, and I've got to tell you: second time was definitely much easier and less terrifying than the first one. I haven't even cried once. Yet?

Although that might also have something to do with the fact that the first time I moved to Sweden, to a completely strange city and with no familiar ties anywhere, while this time I just moved a few hours' drive up north to central Finland. Sure, it's a completely strange town again (a teeeny-tiny town!), but like 90% of my relatives (minus parents) live somewhere around central Finland and I've spent most of my summers in a town not too far away so I'm somewhat familiar with the general area. And honestly this is probably where I'd consider myself to belong the most, just lakes and forests and swamps and rocky hills around, not a whole lot of people. There's probably some reason why everyone in my family seems to end up moving up here eventually, one by one, and now I did too.



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