15 April. 2015

Early update today because I'm excited to get the cover up. And i-it's like three covers in one, gasp! Took me like three days to draw it too, murrr. :I

This chapter is going to be lots of fun and long and have tons of stuff that I've been looking forward to draw for a good while (not Lalli's eyes in the third section there btw) . Let's be excited! And it's a pretty short chapter break this time, you'll only have to endure 5 full days of no updates. Meanwhile I'll try to get as much work done on the book as I can (I've finally fixed every single page with missing speech bubbles and other mysteriously missing things, hooray! The end is in sight!) and at least 2 pages of buffer into my pocket.

See you on Tuesday, and if you get the no-update blues take a visit to the fan forums and have fun waiting it out with your fellow readers. Or...take a stroll outside, it's a beautiful spring day! *Is raining snow-slush.*

*Edit 16. April* As many of you noticed, there is a new layout for the main site! And whaaaat? A new blog post too!



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