21 April. 2015

*Deep breath* Hoooo-kay, here we go again! Starting things off with an early update and some mama-cat adventures. Look at that itty-bitty kitteh! No heart pattern on the forehead, though, hmm...

And for everyone who didn't happen to check in during the break: the main site has a new look to it, I finally updated the blog with some general status info and posted this thing that'll be included in the book:

I think that was all that happened during the break (I was going to post the tutorial thing too but mnnnehh, didn't happen. I'll do that some weekend when I have another window of spare time again. :P) See you all tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that too. We've got a fairly long chapter ahead of us, filled with things, stuff, joy and wonder* (*joy and wonder not guaranteed).



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