4 May. 2015

Oh Emil, he is so terrible at everything all the time.

Pfffh, I was going to draw a whole page of buffer this weekend but all I got done was half a page, not being very effective over here, no sir. But I had a good trade off! My mom visited and we took a couple trips to a nearby nature reserve, which was a "finally!" thing for me because I've been trying to reach that darn place for a couple months on my own now. And I never got further than the beginning mark of the first nature trail! It takes me about 1,5 hours to walk there and knowing that it'd be another 1,5 hour walk home I never had the energy to continue into the woods.

Then last week I got my hands on a bike for the first time in 7 years (my inheritance from my grandmother, thank you grandma!). Hooray, now I was able to get to the nature trail in 20 minutes! But oh no, what's this? Oh, 7 years of not riding a bike has deteriorated all the muscles around my knees? Even 20 minutes of pedalling left my legs completely spent to the point that they were literally shaking after taking a few steps, had to sit on the wet ground to rest because I couldn't even walk to the nearest rock. Nope, no nature walk last week either, had to turn right back and let my legs die in peace at home.

So yup, now I finally got there, thanks to my mom's car. -_- Which means it was a good weekend despite the acute lack of productivity, end of story, yaaay~ (But seriously though, I'll really need to get back into biking shape so I can reach the place on my own. There's no way I'm going to live this close to gorgeous preserved marshlands and not go there for walks all the time.)



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