31 Dec. 2013

Gosh, last update of the year, huh? And time for the last piece of base-building in this vein, except I guess it'll be a little bit less happy-go-lucky feelings for this final streak of the prologue... Oooh, and "fun" fact: after this act (10 pages) there will be no talk about our mystery illness for a long, long time, probably not until chapter 2. Hmmmm, did I perhaps forget what I was writing and accidentally dropped it from the story altogether? Ooops? Nah, that's not why. :P

By the way, if any of you guys end up feeling sad-ish about the end parts of the prologue, feel free to find solace in knowing that you'll be welcomed into the main story setting by this jolly old man and his colleague, the heavy set woman who doesn't understand what "dress respectably" means (yes, that's a monocle):

And yup, I figured out how to draw comic lineart on my tablet without having it crash all the time! The trick was to avoid fast strokes, so I just have to make sure to draw super slow for the next couple of days. :P But happy new years everyone! See you all on the other side of it!


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