2 Jan. 2014

First update of the year, aaaa! And I'll be heading off to the airport in just a little moment, so I won't be writing too much this morning. Tip for future me, by the way: when booking tickets for anything right after new years, do it well in advance! I only bought my travel tickets a few days ago, and both the airplane and train for today were almost fully booked by already! Usually I've been able to reserve myself window seats even the day before, now I'm stuck with a between-two-people-seat for the airplane and aisle seat for the train, bah. I need mah window! (Not really, but I like mah window.)

Also, I have a thing that I could put up as a new vote bait picture on Topwebcomics, I'll probably do that once I'm home. Or tomorrow, if I forget.


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