14 Aug. 2015

Sssso there's going to be an info page about the subject sometime soon-ish, but Lalli does not pose a danger to Tuuri and Reynir right now. The infectious vector can't survive outside a living host for terribly long to begin with, and it dies especially fast when exposed to cold and light conditions. So Lalli is just kinda gross right now, but not dangerously gross. Same goes for the beastie carcass. :3

Phhhh, this week, finally it's over! I really got my work schedule all tied up in a knot ever since Wednesday, I've been doing the terribly uneffective thing of sleeping for 2-4 hours at a time in-between scheduled things and drawing. My last sleep was a quick 1 hour power nap like five hours ago, before which I just worked for 12 hours. xO Terrible self-management, my gosh!

Next week I'll do better at organizing myself, that's for sure. See you on Monday!



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