13 Aug. 2015

Here we go, Reynir shares his deepest darkest secret. Quite literally, he doesn't really have any other secrets, he shares too liberally whenever he's given even the slightest chance.

Aww, sorry I didn't post in the morning today. I wasn't able to work throught the night as I usually prefer to do, had to be awake for a couple of deliveries today. Got one of them (a heap of blue boxes from the post office, the kind that all the book packages have to be loaded into once they're ready for the mail service to pick up), but then I missed the other one somehow (a new ink cartridge for my postage stamping machine.) Maaan, I was home and awake the whole time, how does that even happen?

Anyway, that's been my exciting day in between drawing. Tomorrow's page will also be up in the afternoon since I'll have to be up waiting again for the second delivery attempt. I need that ink cartridge! xP



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