10 Jan. 2014

Things are getting a bit hectic in that car. And smelly! When someone pees in the car it stinks up the whole place pretty effectively, I know this from experience. My cat has done that a couple of times, so now she has to wear her harness during car rides in case we need to stop somewhere and "change" her.

So I finished all the character drawings from the last vote bait picture, which also means that there's a brand new vote bait with the second half of 'em waiting for you. And here's the three finished portraits:

First set of character portraits

Heh, girly-looking scout-guy is actually taller than explosives-guy (weighs less, though). But they're all way shorter than the other three in the group. :P

By the way, thanks for the wonderful birthday well wishes yesterday by the way, you are all so sweet! =^_^= Also oh my gosh, SSSS also got a super-mega-kind review on Fleen, it was the bestest birthday present. (Thanks, Gary!) But well then, see you guys...no, not tomorrow...on Monday! Will Elvira end up crashing the car just to silence the back seat folks? Dun-dunnn!


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