13 Jan. 2014

It's time for dad to lay down the law for those darn back seat hooligans! They better behave or they'll turn the car right around and drive back home.

And now announcement time: those of you who read a lot of webcomics might recognize the new little logo in the lefthand sidebar above the vote button (btw if it looks wonky refresh the page a couple of times), because "Stand Still. Stay Silent" has been invited to be a member comic of the Hiveworks webcomic collective group thing. Which is aaawesome!

Bee costumes are adorable

You guys probably won't notice much of anything from the membership, just the little logo and there'll be the little jump box with links to the other comics in the network, but it's beneficial for me as a creator. I'll be able to join in on their ad network and finally get some proper paying ads up here on the site again (not just the filler ones I have now, ugh) and they'll also help with promoting SSSS and growing the readership this year. Plus they offer help with various general webcomicking woes, so if I ever break my site I guess I now have someone to go cry about it to. And of course it's just a huge confidence boost to be accepted into a group of so many talented and successful webcomic creators. *Blush*

That's all for today, enjoy the adorable bee outfits (because the Hiveworks mascot is a bee, duhhh!), they were fun to draw and I'm in an happy mood today. :3


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