21 December 2015

Here's "Friday's" page for you all, better late than never. x3 I was considering squeezing in one more page before the holiday/postponed chapter break, but oh no no, that's not happening. My body has officially entered sloth mode, it wants to do nothing but sleep and stare at walls. I accidentally slept 20 hours in one go and after that I still fell asleep while drawing this page. Literally just rested my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them again the movie I had running in the background had ended and I was halfway through another. I was very confused for a moment there.

So my grand two week holiday break starts nooow! Going south to spend one week with my parents, and I plan to do absolutely nothing but eat and be lazy, really rest up properly. The second week I'll get on with that inter-chapter work.

Wich means: see you shortly after new year! Or a little bit earlier, I'll post one page a few days before the break officially ends as I usually do, probably either on new year's eve or on the first day of the year, I'll post on twitter when I've decided which day exactly. Now have a great holiday everyone!



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