1 January 2016

Happy new year! Just rolled into 2016 a few minutes ago over here, so here's this promised bonus update! I'm officially back from my holiday break on Tuesday so normal updates will charge on then.

So new year, that's pretty cool, huh? And new years resolutions, I'm curious, how many of you swear by those? And I'd love to hear what kind promises everyone has!

Personally I'm not much of a new-year's-resolutioner. I'm one of those people who like to plan their lives a couple years in advance anyways all the time, so I never have any promises to make except "Stick to the plan! The plan is everything!". And my plan since forever ago is that this year is the year when I do not take on any big, heavy-commitment projects alongside the comic, with the exception of getting the SSSS book reprinted. Which means no more moving and no new crowdfunding stuff for a while, I'm going to dig in and get comfortable just drawing pages and maybe even try to have a tiny bit of time left over for little fun things on the side. That is my plan. I mean...resolution!

See you on Tuesday!



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