5 January 2016

Mikkel kinda likes being a martyr, but that's not quite as easy to pull off when you have a puppy who likes following you around and thanking you for every dumb little thing.

Heyyy everyone, welcome back! Hope everyone's holidays went great! Mine did, I ate so much fish and...fish at my parents' place, my dear kitteh was just as lovely as always even though it had almost been a year since I visited them last, and that's it. Oh, and my family got me one of those neat backup battery thingies for my computer as a Christmas gift, so now those pesky power outages shouldn't make me lose work. I should have at least a few minutes of mercy time to get everything saved and shut down next time that happens. Almost looking forward to it!

And despite loving the break I'm excited to be back! I basically haven't been online almost at all these last couple of weeks so I haven't answered tweets and stuffs like I usually do, but I've loved you all just as much even during my absence. Hugs all around!



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