4 Nov. 2013

Heeey, those of you who guessed that the first panel on the prologue cover was from Norway were correct! Norway it is, and you'll find out where the other four panels are from as we go through the prologue. Also: oh my gosh, it's the actual first pages! I had had no idea it would be so nerve-wrecking to post these, with aRTD I didn't have an audience to worry about at the beginning so I didn't know what this would be like. This feels so weird!

By the way, some of you might remember me mentioning completely redrawing the first two pages a while back, so they're actually way newer than the other two pages. And I've got to say it's really hard not to get stuck in a vicious redrawing cycle once you do it for a couple of pages, now I just want to keep redrawing pages because I know I could do it a little bit better the second time around. But nope, that's bad and I will resist the treat in that death trap. Spending that time on making new pages to push the story onward is far more important than slightly improving already finished pages! Except...for the first two! I really did need to redraw those for a stylistic reason, I'll show you guys exactly why some day.

And another thing: I won't add a voting button for SSSS on Topwebcomics just yet, I want there to be at least ten pages or so for new readers to read before I start luring them here. Otherwise there's a big risk that a lot of them just go "Huh? That's all there is? Meeeh, I'll go read something longer, maybe I'll remember to check this out again later but I probably won't".

And one more thing: remember not to get attached to the prologue characters, they won't be with us once the first chapter starts.

That's all for today, tomorrow it'll be time for page 6 so see you all then. And here's a new bunch of A Redtail's Dream pages to get some typo-checking from sweet, lovely volunteers. It's the beginning of chapter 3, so most pages are pretty light on dialogue.


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