5 Nov. 2013

Heh, Aksel might be the kind who exaggerates things. Or simply just imagines them. Granny's cat isn't the Devil, pfff!

Oh noes, it's Wednesday tomorrow, which won't be an update day until I don't have to work on this aRTD book anymore. I'll probably fill the void with a new journal entry though, so it won't be complete silence here tomorrow.I need to write a general update on how the work on the book is coming alongfor the Indiegogo page anyway, I might as well extend that update into a blog post for all of you while I'm at it. Plus the most recent journal entry says SSSS hasn't launched yet, I want that pushed off the main page already. x3

Here's today's batch of A Redtail's Dream pages waiting for some quick typo checking it's an even dozen today. Thanks guys! See you tomorrow with a new journal entry and probably the next set of aRTD pages, and next SSSS page will be up on Thursday. :3


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