23 Jan. 2014

Just in case someone doesn't remember what the Finnish boat family looked like: no, that's not them. That's just some group of...well, I guess it's appropriate to say "survivors" at this point.

So I'm finally at the point that I'm sketching out the cover page/spread for the first chapter, and it's turning out to be way more pressure than I thought it would be. The whole design of the cover is a huge decision! Naturally I'll want all chapter covers to have some form of uniformity to them (except the prologue cover, the prologue itself is so different from the rest of the comic that it's okay), so the design decision I make right now with this one will dictate the appearance of all the rest! Like...GAH! Do I want to put the comic title on there, or just have "chapter 1". Or maybe I'll go even cleaner, just the number "1", no other caption texts. Hmm...

...Aw, poop, I just realized that I can't align the chapter marker thingie in the center of the cover, it'll get eaten by the darn gutter in book form. x<


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