24 Jan. 2014

The V/S Thor is a pretty grand ship indeed. And yup, things are this bad in the world now. They've had to do this a few times in the past couple of months, which is why most of them are able to keep up a stoic front at this point. Except red-wavy-hair-guy, he keeps wearing his feelings on his sleeve. No, actually he wears them on his face.

By the way, I'm glad that you guys didn't start terrible internet-comment-fights yesterday about the issue of "is it okay to kill few people if it means saving the life of many, many ore?" and didn't start calling each others names and stuff, I know moral dilemmas like that can whip up a lot of strong opinions and upset feelings. I only had to remove a couple of comments that I felt were over the top angry and rude in their tone about this turn of event, because I don't want the comment section poisoned by that kind of spirit. Remember to keep it civil here on the site, thaaaanks.

And in case someone is wondering: no, there won't be very much of this kind of divisive "moral drama" in the comic. I like fluff, friendship, sweetness and adorable characters doing silly things way more, and prefer to leave the deep contemplation of "what is good and evil?" to the abundance of much grittier postapocalyptic stories out there. Not that there won't also be drama in the story, it just mostly the kind that shouldn't cause serious comment arguments.


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