12 April 2016

Ah, that's the official end of the chapter, meaning chapter break! I know, it's terrible, but it's only three weeks. The first page of the next chapter will be posted on the 29th, which is a Friday. It's not that far away, really!

As usual I do have little things to entertain you with during the break too, the cover page most notably, but other stuff too. Coming up this Thursday: the new support wallpaper illustration, which means I'll post the current one for all of you to enjoy for free. After that there's a few finished little illustrations that'll be posted as filler content, so do check in once or twice a week and you'll have something new to tide you over until the 29th.

See you on Thursday! And here's a boring text link to the SSSS book 1 in the hivemill store. I'll really have to make an actual banner for it now that it's properly back in stock.



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