26 April 2016

Cover page! Only two more days left of the break, the new chapter starts on Friday! Pretty exciting. It'll be a fun one with the whole gang doing stuff together for change, no splitting up or some members being unconscious this time.

So on top of hammering out the script for the chapter during these weeks my goal was to finish 8 pages for a buffer, and I have completed...1, hehe. But 9 pages are also fully inked, so technically I have the equivalent of 5,5 pages in the bag! Just got to color a bunch of those during the remaining two days and I'll be pretty close to my 8 page buffer goal. Not too bad, considering that the highest amount of buffer pages I've enjoyed at any point of time during the last half a year has been 2. :3

Oh, and all the bonus stuff that was posted during the break has been moved to the image gallery in the "misc" section of the site.

See you very soon (Friday!) everyone!



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