11 May 2016

Trying to insult Reynir? Pfffh, you need to try harder than that. At least learn some icelandic to get the gist of your insult across.

So judging from the comments yesterday a lot of people were a bit bewildered and/or dismayed by Lalli's reaction last page. An here's the shocking explanation for his behaviour: yes, Lalli is very socially and emotionally maldeveloped, and spending a week with a bunch of strangers really isn't enough to fix whatever an extremely unconventional upbringing (and perhaps some underlying neural issues) has shaped. In fact it is only going to force those problems to the surface. So if you're hoping for Lalli to just "grow up" as soon as possible I'll have to deliver the tragic news that it might be a lengthy journey towards that.

But that lengthy journey will include a ton of fun! Ranging from actual fun to "fun", and scenes that I think are fun but end up making everyone go "D:". So apologies in advance. ;3



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