12 May 2016

Radio time! Maybe Onni will get to have a proper word with someone on the team?

Completely unrelated to everything: yaaaay, new pokemon games! One of the few games I allow myself to play for some period of time when there's a new release(Civ is the other series) because if I just let myself play everything I want I'd ruin my life through videogame addiction and there'd be no comic. Seriously, I have no ability to moderate myself when it comes to video games. Now and then during chapter breaks or holidays I test giving myself half a day to play something I've got my eyes on, and nope, I always get stuck for an 30 hour long marathon play session after which I have to uninstall the game to prevent myself from getting trapped forever (looking at you, Rimworld and Factorio.)

But yay, new pokemon! But oh no, I don't know which one to choose this time! Fire kitten or grass owl?! (Not clown seal ever, clowns are unsettling.) Might have to wait and see what their evolutions turns out to be like... So which one is your favourite?

pokemon sun and moon starters



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