27 June 2016

Hmm, Reynir seeing something he recognizes from a vision?

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the enormously kind and uplifting messages that you guys have sent over the weekend. There were sooo many, and I want to let you know that I appreciated them all, even if I couldn't possibly reply to them individually. As one might have suspected the aggressive outraged "meanies" were in comparison just a very tiny but very vocal minority in this case. After so much encouraging feedback from people all over the world with different perspectives on things, including folks with various Chinese backgrounds, I feel secure in the decision to let these three pages stay as they currently are (sorry those of you who were hoping I'd replace the scene with your country's language, but I'm sure the gang will run into other strange items to be confused about in the future. ;3).


Yeah, today's page is really early (technically not even Monday yet), I have to go to bed pretty soon because tomorrow *gulp*...

...I'm going to the dentist.Yuuup! Remember back when I mentioned that a tiny piece of one of my teeth cracked and fell out? Well, it's been a couple months and like 3(!) little pieces have cracked off now! It's not even the one tooth, it's the one next to it too, aaagh! I'm not afraid of the dentist as much as the possibility that they'll say "yup, these teeth are doomed". W-wish me luck? ;_;

Comments are back to normal! Remember to play nice.



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