28 June 2016

You had one job, Reynir! And if you had shown Mikkel the cross he would have been able to tell you, but you had to grab the unrecognisable thing you trashed.


So I went to the dentist! My teeth are now fine and not falling apart. There was just some nasty plaque built up behind the brace thing that I have running behind my bottom teeth, and that had caused little bits of the outer tooth layer to get weakened and finally crack off. All that was needed was some filing down of the jagged edges and removal of any remaining plaque around the braces, and voila, healthy teeth underneath!

The plaque removal was painful though. And bloody. ;_; The dentist had to dig deep and thoroughly between the gums and teeth with that scary little steel hook device to make sure nothing would be left behind. And when they were ripping around with the torture device, and as could taste the blood gushing around in my mouth, I hear them say "ah, yes, these gums looks very healthy and well taken care of" and all I could think was "How much more blood and pain could there possibly be if the gums weren't healthy?!" Lots and lots more, I'm assuming.

But I'm very relieved now. And the visit didn't cost terribly much, only about 50 €. A good day! (...S-so glad it's over.)



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