7 Feb. 2014

I bet you're able to start figuring out what this comic will be about now, huh? And you'll be able to figure out even more things over the course of the next few pages. :3

Now some important info: I tried to send out the aRTD e-book a couple of days ago, but yesterday I noticed that Google has marked me as a spammer, terminated the emails with the download link and won't let me send anything. Sooo... looking for a solution I found out that I can put up digital reward links in Backerkit! So all you print drive backers, go log in to your backer profile one last time over here: https://a-redtails-dream.backerkit.com and go to the review page (the final one), because now there's a nice little link to the e-book PDF! :3

And I'll be running off again now, I'm going with my mom and brother to visit my grandmother this weekend, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty much death preparation already, because sadly the public health care system in Finland is pretty crappy sometimes.

Basically she went to see a doctor about mysterious pains over two years ago and they were like "hmmm, yes, there is something weird visible in these x-rays, we'll just send them to the lab in Mikkeli and...ooops, we lost the images! Oh well, another appointment some time later, let's take new x-rays and WHOOOOPS we lost them again. Sorry." So now that she finally got a diagnosis two years after the first symptoms that stuff has already developed into terminal all-over-everywhere-cancer. So...you know.

So I'll be back on Monday. Hopefully these lovely people can get a little bit more money for their awesome little project. :B


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