10 Feb. 2014

Ooooh, do I spot some familiar surnames on this page? No Eide, Madsen or Hotakainen yet, but props to those of you who are able to pair up these to their corresponding prologue characters.

And oof, I'm kind of suspecting that most of you readers here have no idea about what the Nordic flags look like, so here's a quick cheat sheet to tide you over until we get to the world map:

Little Nordic flags

I might occasionally (but very rarely) use the flag symbols in these kinds of cases instead of, you know writing out the languages and/or nationalities in question. I'll throw in the cheat sheet when that does happen to help out.

So this bunch is clearly a moderately educated one, they all know Icelandic in addition to their own languages. (AAAGGH I just now remembered that I need to add a supporting cast section for the characters-page!) Tomorrow we'll see if they'll get more money or not, and now I'm off to pack up a couple hundred aRTD books.

Just to get it out there: Torbjörn is an awesome name and more people should be named Torbjörn. It literally means "Thor bear".


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