18 Feb. 2014

Whoo! First glimpse of the main cast! And this is really merely a glimpse, the story won't just leap right into the middle of everything now. The characters will be introduced chronologically, half of them in the very first chapter already. And two of them within the first...five pages I think.

And I know you're curious, so here's a little picture of what these two pages combined really look like, for when it's eventually time for the first SSSS book and stuff: Yaay printed book version!

But WORLD MAP on Thursday! Be here. And btw, if the site layout looks broken remember to refresh the page a few times and/or clear your internet cache and so forth. The layout kinda broke for wide format pages so I had to recode a few things yesterday, and if your browser is still loading the old stylesheet things probably look kinda wrong.


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