20 Feb. 2014

How great are maps, huh? Everyone loves maps, right? Of course you doooo! Yeah, the known world is slightly limited. Exploring far away places hasn't exactly been on the agenda for any nation these past 90 years, for the greater part the focus has been more on...not dying and silly things like that. All those unexplored, forbidden Silent areas!

You might notice that I finally gave in and switched the comments over to Disqus, because IntenseDebate just would not fix that annoying thing where the reply threads become hidden after hitting 100 comments. Which makes reading the comment section or finding new comments super hard. Everyone else seems to use Disqus these days anyway, so I guess it's fine.

Tomorrow's page is pretty cool too, it'll let you know a little bit about the people in this new world. It's also technically a double pager, but combined vertically as a looong page rather than wide one like this. See you tomorrow! (And I'm off to continue getting the aRTD books packed and ready to ship because apparently my work on that will never ever end. :_;)



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