22 December 2016

It's the final page before christmas holidays, nuuu! I should be back home and drawing again before new years though, in about a week, don't know exactly which day yet. So happy jul/joulu/all the things for now, enjoy your break from work/school if you're lucky enough to get one, and I'll see you all again soon enough!

Also: animal status update! Last christmas the animal count at my parents' house was: my cat. Now its is: my cat and two collie dogs. And the second dog, who happens to be the 8 year old mother of the first dog (who's only about a year old and got here earlier in the year), was brought into the house... yesterday. You'd think my cat, who used to be the sole animal of the house for so long, would be freaking out about now, but naah. She doesn't care.

It seems that, after many months of becoming accustomed to having a massive puppy dog in the house with her, throwing a second, older, less excitable dog into the mix was more of a "whatever, we already have one of these" to her. They're already all happy to eat their meals right next to each other. So now the roster is 10+ yo kitteh Tiutu, 1+ yo collie Ekko and new arrival 8+ yo collie Toori, aka Ekko's mom. And of course they all have the exact same fur coloring, can't have animals that don't match, obviously.



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