30 December 2016

Hiii you all, I'm back home! So wonderfully right in time for a last page before the year ends (yes, I'm updating a few hours early and it's technically still Thursday night, but this is Friday's page.) On Monday it'll be 2017, and we'll have a brand new year of things to enjoy.

And next week's Wednesday there should also be a new blog post on the SSSS game side project, because I had a laptop with me and worked on that this whole week. A lot of progress was had! I've basically started over with a clean state with the purpose of now working towards an actual proper prototype, not just some haphazard practice bits and pieces that'll be discarded as "just tests".

And oh! I created a working freaking inventory system! From scratch! With usable items. And "characters" that those items can be used on, that can be leveled up with exp, made to lose or gain hp, die or be resurrected. The visuals are really just boxes with words and numbers that show what's happening under the hood (because I've drawn exactly 0 things this week), but I got so many important base things working as I wanted, and in a way that can be easily built upon. Feels great. Anyway, all that and the continuation of the comic... next year!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday! I'm glad to be back home and back to my regular work routine. :3



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