7 Nov. 2013

And thus the unforgiving sea took Aksel and he was never seen again. (Just kidding, he's fine.)

Today is a horrible day! And so was yesterday, because...of... possible ventilation system inspection! I got a notice a couple weeks ago that the rental apartments will have a inspection/service thing happening this week, and it was scheduled cruelly as "during 6-8 November between 8 and 16"! A freaking three-day window! So now I'm spending the whole darn day being anxious about that. Yesterday I was so relieved after 16.00 since I knew I'd be safe from strangers in my home for the rest of the day, but at the same time I hated them for not coming already so that I wouldn't have to live with a terrible knot in my stomach for possibly two more days.I almost wish I didn't have the pleasure to be working from home just so I would have a place to go hide while the renting overlord employee people stop by to do what they need to do.

One day when I'm old I'm going to be able to afford to buy my own place and never have to accept uninvited people into my home! >:I (Even if they're coming for a good reason, I still hate them.)

Weeell, more aRTD pages are up for typo-checking. Almost twenty pages today, it's Ville's great underwater adventure so most pages are really light on dialogue. *Edit* Huh, the proof reading page throws a 500-error all of a sudden. Well, I moved it to my new server space, should work now?


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