24 April. 2014

Ah, turned out they were related, so at least Emil wasn't being all grympy-yell-y at people he didn't know. Does...that make it better? x3

By the way, I tried to read my emails today and uhhhh, that's so not happening because apparently the web application for it doesn't filter spam at all so I had over 500 unread emails, almost all of it spam. It also doesn't have the option to mark something unread for later, so I'm afraid I'll lose everything important if I just start clicking through stuff. Not going to poke that pile until I'm home!

So hey, if you have some urgent issue about the aRTD books that can't wait until then (I should be done sending out books and go home around the end of next week) and that can't be asked in the comments, use the email book( at )sssscomic.com. It's a temporary account that I set up to handle the replacement books from the print drive, but I already finished packing those so I guess I can use it as an emergency email now.



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